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Models (historic)


The information below is not updated, contact Harald Sverdrup if you're interested in these models.

Model Description More Info
PROFILE Steady state soil chemistry; weathering See below
SAFE, initSAFE Dynamic soil chemistry See below
MAKEDEP Reconstructs atmospheric deposition, nutrient uptake & circulation See below
PreSAFE Preparation for regional application of SAFE See below
FARMFLOW Simulation model for dairy farming systems

Equation system (pdf) or

STELLA model

ForSAFE Soil chemistry, tree growth, decomposition and more See below
UnSAFE Uncertainties in SAFE Discontinued


  • PROFILE is a steady-state, multi-layer soil chemistry model
  • RegionalPROFILE is a regionalised version of PROFILE

The SAFE, initSAFE, MakeDEP and PreSAFE models

  • SAFE is a dynamic, multilayer soil chemistry model. It uses the same userinterfase (SAFEUI) as PROFILE.
  • initSAFE is used to calculate a starting point for SAFE, assuming steady-state.
  • MakeDEP is program that reconstructs nutrient uptake and atmospheric deposition. In a way it is the poor mans ForSAFE.
  • PreSAFE is a bundle of models and data reorganisation that facilitates regional applications of the SAFE model.

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