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Models (historic)

SAFE (historic info)

SAFE is a dynamic soil chemistry model, developed with the objective of studying the effect of acid deposition on soil and ground water. It can be used to study the acidification and recovery processes and how they are affected by deposition rates, soil parameters and hydrological variations.

SAFE includes process-oriented descriptions of cation exchange reactions, chemical weathering of minerals, leaching and accumulation of dissolved chemical components and solution equilibrium reactions.

Just as in the steady state soil chemistry model PROFILE, the soil is divided into different soil layers with different properties, preferably based on the naturally occurring soil stratification.

The initSAFE model is used for calculating initial conditions for the SAFE simulations.

SAFE requires time series of input data regarding deposition, nutrient cycling andprecipitation. For historical reconstruction of these data and generation of input files for SAFE, the MAKEDEP model can be used.

A detailed description of a previous version of SAFE can be found here. Many answers on model usage can be found inside the user interface.

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